Voc-one by Simple Media

Voc-one [scheda], choirs synth instrument sviluppato da Simple Media.

Descrizione originale / Informazioni ENG:

Voc one is a smart choirs synthesizer.

Sampled choirs are not versatile and many vocal synthesize concentrate so hard on trying to sing a lyric that they forget to carry a tune. Voc one is different, using a simple analogue synthesizer to simulate the glottal pulse or pulses and then using a powerful, morphable formant filter bank to give a realistic, warm and flexible vocal quality.

full control over each stage of the vocal synthesis
morphable formant filter with 11 recognised phonetic vowel spectra
morphing between vowels sounds subtle and natural
control over the register of the formant filter and the emphasis
built in high quality reverb

Formato del Plugin:
32 bit

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