Vintage 3 band EQ: QB-3 by de la Mancha

QB-3 è un vintage 3 band eq messo a punto da de la Mancha.

Main features:

QB-3 is a vintage 3 band EQ plug-in, with its own unique colouring and a few tricks up its sleeve.

For each band you can adjust the centre frequency and gain. For the low and high shelving bands you can adjust the steepness of the slope, whilst for the mid peaking band you can adjust the bandwidth. This allows a range of sounds from steep, sharp cuts to smooth and gentle boosts. But it_?_?_?_s not a super clean and transparent plug-in. QB-3 features a pleasing combination of harmonics, saturation and low level noise to bring a subtle mojo to your sound. You also have the option to switch on a 40Hz cut to boost your low frequency headroom and a limiter to curb any peaks.

Vintage-style, 3-band EQ.
Subtle colouring from a home-made blend of harmonics, saturation and low level noise.
Full Stereo processing.
Centre frequency adjustable for each band.
Gain adjusts positively and negatively for each band.
Low and High bands have adjustable slope, including negative _??_???_resonant_?_?_?_ like curve.
Mid band has adjustable bandwidth for narrow to wide curves.
Master gain control.
Optional 40Hz cut for low frequency optimisation.
Optional limiting on final output.
Non-linear knobs for precise control at small values, with double-click reset to default value.
Presets covering all functions and different configurations.

Formato del Plugin:
32 bit

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