The Riser VST: ferma i cuori, scala le classifiche

Con la più musicale e potente sintesi virtuale disponibile, The Riser è un sintetizzatore che può essere usato per creare Riser, Uplifter, transizioni classiche o effetti mai sentiti prima da orecchio umano.
I Riser / Uplifter sono fondamentali in tutte le forme di musica da dancefloor e sono usati per creare tensione, particolmente nelle pause o per arrivare a un drop.
Ascolta quello di cui è capace questa macchina:

Puoi scaricare la versione trial o acquistare The Riser (77 euro) da questa pagina.

The Riser is an all-new instrument for designing musical transitions of epic proportions. A powerful, synth-based instrument, The Riser features all of the tools you need to compose heart-stopping transitions in one intuitive user-interface. In seconds, you can construct rises, falls, swells, fades, and more, based on our coveted sound synthesis technology. For instant inspiration, The Riser includes 300 pro-grade presets that you can edit, deconstruct, copy, mangle, and implement into your tracks.
Transitions add suspense, hype, drama, and movement to your music. Cymbal swells and reversed instruments were go-to transitions for years, until the DAW pioneered fast and flexible audio editing, paving the way for complex sound effects. When combined with synths and other audio shaping tools, transitions completed their metamorphosis from science to art. Until now, this process has convoluted and time-intensive, taking attention away from the overall project itself. The composer spent more time trying to get plugins, virtual sample players, hardware effects, sound modules, and other gear to play nice with each other – and that was before hitting “record”.

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