Stoooner by Xoxos

Stoooner [info e link], resynthesis drum sampler instrument sviluppato da Xoxos.

Descrizione originale / Informazioni ENG:

Stoooner resynthesize percussion samples by performing a single frame FFT analysis for the length of the sample.

Enhance: emphasises the preexistent spectral content (2 modes).
Smear: changes the time (phase) information, for resynthesis or timestretching.
Frequency Shift.
Spectral Inversion.
FFT low and high shelf filtering.
Stereoisation / Restereoisation.
Monophonic Bass.

The signal chain is richly accoutred with conventional functions:

Downsampling to 32x.
6 interpolation modes.
Bit reduction: 12, 8-1.
Preamp section with envelope assign.
54 filter modes + bypass, 8 filter algorithms (4 zero delay feedback), lp, bp, hp, br, pk, punch, add harmonics.


Morphing LFO (bias, shape, 2 rnd modes, host sync).
Curve adjustible pitch and filter envelopes.
Curve and shape ADSR amplifier.
-5 to +7 possible octave range.
Start Position/Reverse.
Wide Parameterisation.
Channel swap.
Signal inversion.

Formato del Plugin:
32 bit

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