Signal splitter: Noisebud Binvert by Noisebud

Noisebud Binvert è un signal splitter che ci viene offerto da Noisebud.

Main features:

Noisebud Binvert takes the signal and splits in into two bands (split point is adjustable between 20-400Hz).

After the split we put in a phase invert for both bands so you can invert the polarity of the two bands independently from each other. Problem fixed, the bass is still heavy and the mid/high transients stay crisp.
But it is a Noisebud plugin so we couldn_?_?_?_t just make a boring tool, we attached a resonance control?__?? to the filter that isn_?_?_?_t really supposed to be there at all but it_?_?_?_s fun. We use it to self oscillate at low frequencies so it becomes a bit of a bass-drum-low-frequency-replacer-plugin_??_?_

Formato del Plugin:
32 bit

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