Helios by Tobybear

Helios [info e link], wav sampler instrument sviluppato da Tobybear.

Descrizione originale / Informazioni ENG:

Helios is a sampler unit, intended to explore the creative side of sampling and not really meant to replace full-fledged samplers.

Rather regard it as a fun and wicked live performance tool 🙂 It can load a single WAV file and tweak it live in realtime to produce some really strange sounds.

Waveform display on the GUI.
Modulatable loop start and loop end points.
Modulatable ADSR envelope control.
Reverse playback of the sample.
2 LFOs, independently syncable to host tempo.
6 LFO waveforms (sine, saw up, saw down, triangle, square, noise).
Support for Anamark, VAZ and Scala tuning files.
Drag and drop support for WAV and tuning files.
Full MIDI CC control with MIDI learn and inverse.
On-board serial LP/HP filter with resonance.
On-board delay with feedback.
Powerful WAV reader that supports many WAV versions.
Start and stop buttons on the GUI.
Optional sample interpolation algorithm.

Formato del Plugin:
32 bit

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