Glitching effect: Freakency by novaflash

Freakency è un glitching effect rilasciato da novaflash.

Main features:

Freakency provides analog glitcheries effects.

Need a fresh and original effect ? The shaped audio input modulate a couple of VCOs. A 24 dB LPF ending the stream. Percussive sound is highly recommended. Monophonic.


Hz: Frequency band to isolate.
LEVEL: Adjustement.


GATE: optional GATE (override normal mode).
DELAY: delayed trigger.
UP: attack time (ms).
DOWN: release time (ms).
RSP: response / slope, allow 3 behaviors.


TRCKR: modulation amount from TRACKER.
HRMNC: VCO1 & 2 harmonic.
FDBCK: Feedback, re-inject final output to VCO1 PHASE.
VCO1 / Hz : maximum frequency driven by the TRACKER.
VCO2 : different modes linked from VCO1 (RING, FM, SUB).
FILTER : LPF 24 dB, X = resonance Y = Cut-Off, TRCK = mod. from TRACKER.

Formato del Plugin:
32 bit

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