FireBird by Tone2

FireBird [info e link], harmonic content morphing instrument rilasciato da Tone2.

Descrizione originale / Informazioni ENG:

Firebird uses a unique synthesis architecture to deliver next-generation sounds.

Its innovative user interface provides you with the tools to create impressive sounds with a minimal amount of effort. Featuring an impressive selection of 437 build-in sounds, representing both highly sought-after VA sounds, as well as sounds more specific to Firebird and characterized by its Harmonic Content Morphing synthesis, breathing both life and dynamics into the sounds.

Harmonic Content Morphing synthesis is based on a large, expandable repertoire of standard waves, like saw, pulse, as well as more complex wave material, like multi-waves, trumpets, organs, pads, pianos and voice samples. These waves are modified in real-time, by for example transposing the wave by one or two octaves and adding it to the original wave, altering its harmonic structure, syncing, compressing or even expanding the frequency domain of the spectrum. Making the wave for example sound more fat using only one oscillator, transforming each wave into a hyper-wave or selecting some cycles of a sample and moving through them over time (comparable to wavetable synthesis). Any modification of a wave can be modulated producing lively shimmery sounds (remember: using only one oscillator!) With a total of more than 18,000 different spectra available for combination and modulation, Firebird+ gives an almost unlimited amount of timbres to experiment with.

Very easy to program and easy to use.
A unique sounding synthesis: Harmonic content morphing (HCM).
High sound quality: Warm, transparent.
437 hand picked presets included, over 1000 sounds available.
84 oscillator types containing 18,000 morphable waveforms.
38 different filter types.
True stereo mode, 4x unison mode, and up to 8 oscillators per voice.
Can sound like other synthesis methods – additive, subtractive, AM, FM, phase distortion, supersaw, vocoder, sync.
Can sound like natural instruments like piano, brass, organs…
23 spectral manipulations or __Ç_?Öodifiers__Ç¥Ë_ can be applied to the oscillators.
21 arpeggiator types.
13 effect types.
Skinable user interface.

Formato del Plugin:
32 bit

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