EXD-80 by Third Harmonic Studios

Analog drum / percussion instrument sviluppato da Third Harmonic Studios.

Descrizione originale / Informazioni ENG:

EXD-80 is a flexible drum synth that can produce a wide variety of drum and percussion sounds.

From emulations of classic drum machines to crazy, mangled glitch sounds __Ç¥Ë_ all is synthesized, no samples here! It is suitable for many EDM styles including electro, glitch, industrial, ambient, dubstep, drum & bass and hip hop.

8 Modules __Ç¥Ë_ kick, snare, open and closed hi-hats, 5 x percussion sounds.
4 Stereo output pairs.
Each output pair has its own stereo effects section featuring a Granulator and Waveshaper.
Supports VST host automation and MIDI continuous controllers.
User definable MIDI note mappings.
128 User drum kit patches (comes with 16 preset drum kits).

Formato del Plugin:
32 bit

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