Amoeba by ConcreteFX

Drawbar organ , software instrument rilasciato da ConcreteFX.

Descrizione originale / Informazioni ENG:

Amoeba is a 8 bar organ.

The left side is additive synth part, here you can create the basic sound using the 8 controls which represent the first to eighth fundamentals. The first four are the bass sound and the last four the treble sound. After the both the bass and the treble are passed throught seperate distortion , filter and finally a chorus / autopan which are used to create a Leslie effect.

Sliders – left button + move mouse, shift + left button – fine controls.
Dials – up increases and down decreases.
Vib Amount / Speed – vibrato speed and amount.
Tremelo Amount / Speed – tremelo speed and amount.
Distortα_ – saturation distortion.
Symmetry – rectification symmetry.
Boost – boosting applied to sound.
Type – type of filter either 12/24 low/high/band pass or band reject filter.
Freq – frequency of filter.
Q – resonance of filter.
Len/Width – length / width of chorus.
Speed – how quickly the chorus changes.
Feed – feedback of chorus.
Pan Amountα_ / Speed – amount and speed of autopan.
Volume – main volume.
Attack / release – attack / release of sound.
Click volume – a click is added to give a percussive sound , this is the volume.
Click release – releease time of click (i.e. length of click).
Click tone – tune of click.

Formato del Plugin:
32 bit

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