3 band soft clipper: CL36 by J1000

CL36 è un 3 band soft clipper molto buono creato da J1000.

Features principali (in inglese):

CL36 is a 3 band soft clipper.

Audio signal gets separated into three frequency ranges : low (LF), mid (MF) and high (HF). Each range has identical controls and internal processing: you can set the clipping amount, bias and gain. Also, you can choose between normal and hard clipping and apply random LFO modulating signal. After signal gets mixed back to full-range you can filter it and pass it through one more clipping stage that always keeps peak levels below 0dBFS. Optional Mid+Side mode produces more wider sound. CL36 is great for taming transients like those produced by percussive sounds or instruments with very low attack/decay times. It can also be used on full mixes before final limiter:

Three-band soft-clipping with waveshapers.
Two waveshaping curves:normal and hard.
Additional full-range soft-clipping stage keeping levels below 0dBFS.
Waveshaping bias control with optional LFO modulation.
Mid+Side processing mode.
Output filtering of low and high ends of spectrum.
Second order (12dB/oct) crossover to preserve spectrum continuity.
Zoomable waveform display showing combined channels output.
32-bit internal precision with zero latency and low CPU consumption.

Formato del Plugin:
32 bit

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