Multiband effect: Delay Studio by Minimal System

Delay Studio è un multiband DLY gratuito sviluppato da Minimal System, con 3 bande separate completamente configurabili, una completa sezione filter bank, VU meter per il visual monitoring di ogni banda, basso utilizzo della CPU.

Features principali (in inglese):

Delay Studio from Minimal System Instruments is a powerful and massively creative multiband delay plugin which gives you all of the tools needed to create your perfect delay/echo effect.

From weird and wonderful long modulated delays to workhorse multi-taps and analogue inspired echoes the Delay Studio will turn any flat, uninspiring sound into a beautiful sonic masterpiece.?__?? Delay Studio is a plugin that invites creativity and experimentation.

3 fully configurable independent delay bands (Low/Mid/Hi) with complete and accurate control over the frequency width of each band (Frequency Range 0hz to 20,000hz).
Each band is split in to left and right channels with independent delay time and feedback.
Comprehensive filter bank section. Each band has its own fully featured filter on both left and right channels complete with cutoff and resonance controls. (Filter types include Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Peaking, and Band Reject). Each filter can be modulated using the multimode LFO_?_?_?_s which can also be tempo synced or free running. A total of six filters and six LFO_?_?_?_s!
Built on an accurate crossover algorithm. As with the rest of our plugin range, we model our algorithms on actual physical analogue hardware to achieve the most accurate sound possible.
VU meters on all bands for visual monitoring.
Input and Output level controls allow easy attenuation of both the incoming and outgoing audio signals.
Full automation and controller mapping. All parameters in Delay Studio can be easily mapped to any MIDI controller or MIDI keyboard for complete tactile real-time control. All parameters are designed to be fully automated in all DAW_?_?_?_s.
Balance control to accurately modify the position of the sound in the stereo field.
Logical and easy-to-use user interface. Minimal System Instruments products are specifically designed to enhance our user_?_?_?_s workflow. We intentionally place all parameter controls on the front end of the GUI to make modifying sounds a breeze (No hidden menus or parameters here!).
Low CPU usage. Our code is fully streamlined and optimised to make Delay Studio as efficient on your resources as possible.

Formato del Plugin:
32 bit

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