DoubleSix by Odosynths

DoubleSix [info e link], 6 operator FM synth instrument sviluppato da Odosynths.

Descrizione originale / Informazioni ENG:

DoubleSix is a 6-operator FM synth with 32 DX7 algorithms and 16 4-operator algorithms.

6 operator FM synth with 32 DX7 algorithms and 16 4-operator algorithms.
Every operator has its own envelope. You can choose between 1 and 8 stages and set the sustain point from 1 to 7 or off.
Every operator has a clipper.
2 octave sequencers.
3 envelopes with retrigger mode on BPM rates.
3 LFOs with 19 different waveforms with 16 different BPM speeds and free rate mode.
14 different curves for the envelopes. You can disable the envelope to save some CPU. All envelopes have a time knob.
The operators can be disabled, fixed or pitched and have a octave range from -6 to 3, fine-tune and pulse width.
11 different waveforms for the operators.
The filter has the same envelope and there are 5 different filters types (low-pass 12db / low-pass 24db / low-pass db32 / hi-pass / band-pass).
EZ preset: This allows you make new sounds fast. You can reset all fine-tunes with the hit of a button or change all waveforms, set all the octaves the same and the times of the envelopes.
Phase modulation depth control and a feedback control
Master and volume envelopes.
One BPM LFO for PMD operator 1 to 6, pitch 1 to 6 and cutoff.
Chorus, stereo delay, gater and phaser effects.
MIDI Learn.
128 preset + 32 made by Cuppa.

Formato del Plugin:
32 bit

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